Whilst we are committed to producing high quality wine grapes we are also committed to ensuring that we do so with as little impact on our environment as possible.  We have for many years carried out direct seeding of local native species to provide shelter, habitat and enhanced biodiversity throughout our vineyards. We have been one of the founding members of the Langhorne Creek Environmental Management in Viticulture project which has carried out risk assessment and development of viticultural best management practices, established a Biodiversity Plan for the region and produced a monitory system for the health of the local red gum swamps.

This group is currently working through the impact of vineyard operations on carbon emissions and strategies to cope with the possible effects of climate change.
Karanto Vineyards is H.A.C.C.P accredited and is an Accredited Irrigator under the Angas Bremer Code of Practice for Irrigators.